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It's time to find out how Broadmind can help.

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It's time for resilience.
It's time to improve your
mental health in your workplace.

The workplace has changed and quickly.

Virtual work is here to stay, our screen time has increased drastically, the lines between home and workplace are blurred, employees are juggling personal and professional duties more than ever, and we're facing more stress from uncertainty and adjustment to new realities.


The bottom line, we all need new strategies for mental health and wellness, if we're going to continue to succeed in our lives and at work.


Our Services



Mental Health
First Aid

Learn how to engage with your coworkers experiencing a decline in wellbeing or crisis.


Adopt the Standard
for Psychological
Health and Safety
in the workplace

Broadmind Mental Health Sessions

1-hour team
workshops to improve team resilience
and reduce isolation

These 1 hour-long check-in sessions engage individuals in learning the knowledge and skills for improved mental health and connecting with each other, focusing on, improving resilience and reducing isolation.

These hour-long sessions can be taken independently, complete all 6 and your team is officially a "Broadmind Well-being Team".

Registration starts with a conversation.  


Mental Health Sessions

Register for all 6 or One at a time.

Broadmind Mental Health Sessions

Session 1
The Basics of Mental Health

This module focuses on the fundamentals of mental health and the tools and skills that can be used to maintain your overall mental wellness.
Team members learn:

  • What is mental health/mental well-being?

  • How does day-to-day stress impact us?

  • What can we do to avoid burnout?

  • What resources are available to support me and support others?

Concepts include:

  • The Mental Health thermometer

  • Fundamentals of our stress reactions

  • 5 key ways to take care of you

  • 4 key ways to take care of others

The body and the mind need to be supported for optimal mental health.


In this module, you'll learn practical, health-saving skills we need to know now for mental fitness.

Team members learn:

  • What can we eat to help our mental well-being?

  • What should we avoid eating?

  • What is the gut-brain axis?

Concepts include:

  • Gut health concepts

  • How to balance blood sugar for mental stamina

  • What foods build a better brain


Session 2
Nutrition to
Improve Mental Health


Session 3
Resilience Boost:
Overcoming Trauma

This module helps us understand how we react to big and small instances of adversity (physical and psychological). We focus on the skills to protect us from their impact in the workplace and our daily lives.

Team members learn:

  • How do we react to stress/adversity/trauma?

  • What can we do to become more resilient?

  • How do you support yourself? Others?

Concepts include:

  • Tactics to take care of you

  • 5 tactics to support others

Session 5
Qualities and
Practices of Great Teams

This module helps build resilient teams which can also foster individual resilience. We identify the characteristics of resilient teams and allow your team an opportunity to identify their own qualities and actions.

Breathing Techniques,
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and more Nutrition.

In Module #1 we identified general ways in which we can support our mental health. Building on that foundation, this module focuses on the cognitive and some additional nutritional aspects.

Participants learn 3 key skills:

  • Breathwork

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Food choices for optimal brain support

Breathing Meditation

Session 4
Mental Health
Skills to Practice

This module can occur at any time. An hour spent checking in, troubleshooting challenges, learning from best practices found in other workplaces, and a Q&A session.


Session 6
Check-In and Troubleshoot

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Mental Health First Aid

**Authorized service provider of MHFA.

The MFHA course is an evidence-based certification program that helps individuals provide assistance to people experiencing a mental illness or a mental health problem.


Here at BroadMind, we provide:

  • A minimum of 8 hours instruction including 1
    2-hour independent study and 2 3-hour instructor-led training sessions.

  • An intimate setting with class sizes from 8 to 15 participants.

  • Virtual and In-person options

  • *Instructors are certified by The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC),  the federal government agency responsible for the MHFA course.

Students who participate in the MFHA experience:

  • greater recognition of the most common mental health problems

  • decreased social distance from people with mental health problems

  • increased confidence in providing help to others; and

  • improved mental health for the MHFA participant


**The Mental Health Commission of Canada is a national non-profit organization created by the Canadian government.

Broadmind Mental Health Sessions.jpeg

Custom Half Day & Full Day Team Training

One-hour sessions may be too little and 8-hours worth of certification training may be too much. That's why we've created tailored workshops that allow for participants to gain further learning and interconnection.

Some custom sessions we've created:

  • Resilience in a Pandemic

  • Team building and supporting others

  • Nutrition for mental well-being

  • Communicating safely and effectively

  • Trauma informed workplaces

Mental Health First Aid Virtual
Half Day/Full Day Sessions

Consulting Services

Broadmind also provides consulting solutions to assist in understanding and implementing the standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace. Broadmind brings together professionals with a passion and compassion to support clients with requirements for support in mental health. 

Don't take our word for it, 
hear what our clients have to say.

A highly knowledgeable and motivated expert in mental health, Sherry Lachine is an inspirational instructor, advisor, and mentor for people wanting to know more about mental health and workplace wellness. She blends her broad life-experience and formal education together to offer well-thought out, stock and customized training to volunteers, employees, and managers interested in improving their knowledge of mental health and applying it in their workplace and personal lives. You can start using the skills and knowledge that you get from Sherry immediately. I highly recommend Sherry as an instructor, advisor, and mentor to businesses, organizations, and individuals that want to take their knowledge of mental health and workplace wellness to the next level. 

— Glynne Hines, Past President Legion OSI

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