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Broadmind Certified Mental Health Ally
Champion Mental Wellness in your company


Become a mental wellness leader in your workplace, the Broadmind certified Mental Health Ally includes:

  • Mental Health First Aid Certification

  • Fundamentals of daily mental health for self care

  • Understanding the workplace Standard for Psychological Health and Safety

  • Stress and trauma awareness and reduction

  • Nutrition First Aid

  • Each participant receives a Broadmind Mental Health Ally T-Shirt

Join us for 14 hours of training on 4 mornings (includes 2 hours of self study).  Government funding is available for this training.

Upcoming dates:


Spring 2022

4 Fridays 9-12pm est




Summer 2022

4 Mondays 1-4pm est




Summer 2022

4 Weds 11-2pmest



Why Become a Broadmind certified Mental Health Ally?

Do you want to learn the how to increase your skills around becoming more connected, productive and employable?  Did you know that learning and practising the skills around mental health can increase your confidence to assist yourself and others during times of sustained stress, difficult situations, deadlines and pressures?  You can also champion and support important changes and transformations in mental health in your workplace.  Become a Broadmind Mental Health Ally, the best way to make changes right now.

Did you know that funding is available?  Employers in Ontario are eligible for 5/6 of the costs of this important training.

That means that becoming a Broadmind Mental Health Ally which regularly costs $1200 will only cost $200 per employee, yes, that is amazing.  Let’s make that happen and support employees in their jobs and careers as they become more productive, engaged, present.

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"This is the right training for right now.  Our workplaces, our people need to know they have opportunities and tools to take care of themselves and their surroundings.  Having funding makes this easy to implement.  We at Broadmind are positioned to take care of you, your business and employees."    Sherry Lachine, Founder Broadmind

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