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  • Sherry Lachine

I Wish Holiday Magic for You

You deserve magic.

You are the magic.

Thank you for another great year, 'great' means we experienced many things and made it through. One of my favourite videos (ok, ok, Tik Toks) are the ones that start with 'What are you doing?" and the answer is "My best, I'm doing my best".

I felt we all did our best and I thank you for being with Broadmind in 2022.

We have been involved in many magic moments:

This year we supported 1120 managers and employees in workplaces, 220 in the Veterans community and donated courses to 180 people. We created 2 custom learning management systems for clients, facilitated 52 one hour session and several engagements of connection and support. Thank you.

Our team will continue to do their best to support your mental wellbeing. We got you (that is one of Sam's lines, our client care specialist and social media-amazing-man), thx Sam.

As always, if you want to spend time with us learning about mental wellbeing through Mental Health First Aid, easy one hour sessions for your workplace or other custom options, let's chat.

Take care of you.

Glad you were here. xo


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