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  • Sherry Lachine

Rethinking Human Resources

I spent a day at a conference! Not an in-person conference from the old days (pre-March 2020), a virtual one. I didn’t have to travel or even fit into my pants. This conference was on Mental Health and Human Resources (HR). Mental health is an important issue for all businesses, but it's particularly crucial for Human Resources departments. After all, the HR team is responsible for everything from hiring and firing to training and development.

Did you know that HR is now considered one of the most stressful professions? Yep. In this COVID world we have seen an increase in stress reactions, burnout and wellbeing in people. Many HR professionals have been tagged with solving these challenges.

So how can you make sure that your HR department is equipped to deal with mental health issues?

You may be surprised at what the answer is.


We believe the remedy/answer is training on how humans can support themselves and each other like Mental Health First Aid for employees, managers and more. The skills, knowledge and opportunities to connect can make a huge difference. Our mental health is a collective, we influence each other. Finding and practising ways to support ourselves and others can enhance this collective, now more than ever especially at work where we spend approx 60% of our waking moments.

I remember a company I worked at where, as the start up company grew the HR duties were left to the finance department. They did the HR role ‘off the side of their desk’ which may be unfair to the finance team/person as well as the people they are supporting. So maybe rethinking HR by first of all getting rid of the ‘Resources’ word, which implies a means to accomplish something like a computer, pens, toilet paper and other, well resources. Humans are not just a resource, they are feeling, thinking and connecting beings, and when they are valued as such can do incredible things. Perhaps the HR department can be called Human Support Services or Human Being Assistance or something to encourage the human aspect of the role.

You will not be surprised to know that we at Broadmind love helping HR get up to speed with helping employees and employers with real and practical ways for everyone to address these challenges. We follow the standard for psychological health and safety to find opportunities to increases individual and team performance. Come spend some time with us, we love spending the time with you.

Glad you were here.



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