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Time for a Reset...

It is time for clean up on aisle Sherry. This new way of living in a pandemic has created many changes, some good some not-so-good. For myself, I have been sitting behind my computer, a lot, I mean a lot, it has changed me and from what I am hearing, many others. My routine is different, the way I operate (think, feel and act) is different. Many changes have been thrust on me, others I have chosen. What I have come to realize is that I now need a ‘reset’ and become more purposeful with how I want to operate in this ‘pandemy’ world. Here are the concepts I am working through for this time to reset.

Time in the virtual world: I am hoping to find a balance between the virtual and the ‘real’ or in-person world. This is tricky as I do not fit well into many of my clothes and really enjoy how close my bed and computer are to each other. Needless to say, I love people, their energy and ease at sharing their experiences when they feel connected and safe. I have recently been to Shilo Manitoba and Comox BC for in-person courses: The energy in these courses was infectious. My weeks are now being planned with a balance of the 2 in a purposeful way.

Body movement, position and fueling: Walking, cycling and yoga are my jam, ensuring that I book those activities into my calendar helps me prioritize, well me. I recognize how good I feel when I take the time and do these activities, my mood lifts and inspiration comes. Another focus is that I am working on my seemingly boring and limited diet (some weeks in the past years there was a lot of bread and cheese). Using a meal plan like Chef’s Plate or Good Food are helpful, easy and varied. The important thing I feel is to choose meals that reflect the great reset – perhaps less pasta/bread/cheese, more salads and varied selections. Everyday I try to vote for Sherry at least once in my food choices.

Emotional connection and regulation: This one has become the most important of them all. My therapist and I have been working on this with respect to how I see and treat myself, respectful relationships and more. Recently, I have encountered some dysregulated and hurting family members and friends. Making sure that I regulate (through slowing thoughts down and breathwork) and realize that their reaction isn’t really about me…even though it really feels that way in the moment. Keep practising showing up as a regulated individual to respond and not react is my main goal – this takes loads o practice. As Brené Brown says “I am not here to be right, I am here to get it right” can help. Also stepping out of a conversation that is disrespectful, mean-spirited or abusive is necessary. “Thank you for taking the time to chat/discuss I think it is time for me to go, we can connect again hopefully soon (if that is indeed the case) or perhaps we can chat at another time”. Wooh, that stuff is hard, so regulation is key, combined with setting those healthy and safe boundaries.

There is more, just wanted to share some of my thoughts on this time of reset – Some one recently shared with me that change doesn't happen one day, this is Day 1 😊.

Glad you were here. Take care of you.



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