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  • Sherry Lachine

'We Can do Hard Things"

This blog is a bit of a book review and an addition to our daily toolkit for good mental well-being for humans at work, at home and more.

The book Calm Within the Storm by Dr.Robyne Hanley-Dafoe was recommended to me by a participant on a recent Mental Health First Aid virtual course. I am so glad they mentioned it, Dr. Robyne is my new crush. The concepts and stories she shares about resilience are relatable, real and needed.

She says resilience is the knowledge that we can do hard things, oh yah. This recently helped me at a time I am supporting someone so close to me undergoing life-changing surgery. I have to say, these are hard things. Throughout the process I kept saying “We got this because we can do hard things”.

This life thing of course has any number of curve balls, challenges and its fair share of joys and successes too. Being present for all of it is important. Being present means that we are feeling through the whole experience, knowing we can emerge, different, hopefully better, but embrace the changes in a way of our own choosing. I chose this experience as an opportunity to grow closer, stronger and see my loved one for all they are and want to be. It is magical, oh and hard 😊

Our perspective on our day-to-day experiences shapes our reality, I got that from Dr. Joe Dispenza, another Broadmind favourite with his book You are the Placebo. We can be at the steering wheel of our own adventure. To be able to take the wheel we require the skills and knowledge about how our bodies, emotions and thoughts are operating. I often chuckle that we know more about how our computers work than how we manage our mind, but we’ll get there. Let's do that together.

Glad you joined me here, you can do hard things, we can help.

For those who have read up to here, BRAVO! There are 3 free course attendances in Mental Health First Aid waiting for you. First 3 people to sign up. I look forward to meeting you!

Sept 29/30 from 2-5pm – use code “BroadmindBlog”

Also try - Caring for your employees a one hour workshop on Oct 6 at 12-1pm est (let’s spend some time together)



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